Coworking community space in Nice

« I joined Les Satellites for their sharing & community spirit. I met wonderful people with whom I work from time to time. As an astronomy fan, Les Satellites name attracted me right away : ) »
Lydie Elias


We choose to work together and to flee solitude. We are a community of entrepreneurs, independent workers, freelancers and businesses living in an innovative, warm, creative and productive environment.
Our coworking space in Nice, along with our events, activities and the bonds we create enable us to extend our projects, to seize opportunities and to grow our collaborative intention.
Thus, the best way to experience this experience is to come and see for yourself.



A place where all is possible: change is the sole constant.
We use our coworking space as a headquarter, or a den, or a clubhouse: it is the place where the people of Les Satellites gather, work, create, share and collaborate. 
Our space is proof of our mutual needs for a community. It exists because of our community. We built it as a meeting point, embracing chaos and harmony in our own way.


Les Sats community members are eclectic, diverse, knowledgeable and experienced. Our professions prove this: we are photographers, software developers, architects, advertisers, facilitators, graphic artists, consultants, lawyers, financial experts, accountants, market analysts, journalists, etc... 
What's more, beyond a job title, each member of Les Satellites has a story to tell, an experience to share, another perspective to give, this is what makes our coworking space such a fascinating melting pot.

« At Les Satellites, I found what is lacking to any contractor : the feeling to be part of a team, and what a team ! Beautiful people with atypical paths, who became richer by sharing & exchanging coworking values. »
Sophie Gironi


Join great people to work with everyday at Les Satellites !

Choose whichever plan suits you the best :


1 day per month

30 EUR HT/month

36 EUR TTC/month


1 day per week

100 EUR HT/month

120 EUR TTC/month


3 days per week

230 EUR HT/month

276 EUR TTC/month



350 EUR HT/month

420 EUR TTC/month

  • It is perfectly ok if you wish to stay here for a couple of days, a day pass costs 25€ ht (30€ ttc).
  • If you are a student willing to work on your own project at Les Satellites, we have a special membership for you, at 50€ ht.
  • Member of the same team?  We offer you a 15% discount for the whole team.


Intranet Coworking

Discuss and Meet

Discuss any time with nearly
150 members on our
and Slack chat.

Déjeuner Nouveau Membre

Attend Events

Come each week to our numerous community events :

Travailler ensemble

Learn Everyday

Learn more about what the community members are working on :

Espace coworking

Work Better

Spend quality time in our comfortable working space while being :


Stepping Outside

Meet Good People

Online Discussions

Plenty Reasons to Participate

Comfy Space

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

High Speed Internet

Meeting Rooms


The best way to embrace what Les Satellites is about,

to meet our members and to understand how and why we do coworking is

to schedule a tour.


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    Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

    We’d rather meeting you in person.


    Frequently asked questions

    The members of Les Satellites are freelancers, employees, business owners, independent workers and students. There is almost as many members as there is professions: photography, computer engineering, architecture, advertising, facilitation, design, consultancy, law, art, finance, administration, accounting, marketing, journalism, etc.

    What do they have in common ? They all wanted to flee from the loneliness of working from home. With Les Satellites they found a community which helps them develop their projects, be creative, more productive, open minded and, eventually, happy.

    We opened the doors of our first space in December 2011, in Riquier !

    However, the community was formed months before by 7 members who chose to embark on the adventure from the very beginning, motivated by working together and achieving good things together.

    Absolutely ! Today, about 30% of our members are remote employees. Where required, billing can be made directly with your company.

    Not at all ! We have dedicated rooms for calls, away from the desks. If you manage to talk quietly, you can also make your phone calls at your desk.

    We have two optic fiber connections, in wifi.

    We are officially closed on weekends. Our opening hours are from 8:30am – 6:30pm.

    However, members sometimes organize themselves for all nighters or weekend sessions.

    Only permanent members can leave their belongings on their desks. If you choose another membership, we have dedicated lockers for you.

    Yes of course ! You can come and try Les Satellites for a day. Feel the atmosphere, talk with members, share a coffee and, who knows, even participate in one of our events.

    Contact us to know more.

    By pushing our doors, coming in and asking us so. That simple. We’ll take time to discuss. No paperwork or security deposit will be asked.

    People who regularly mix with each other tend not to forget about one another. They end up looking for each other and, with some intent, they look after one another. With stars, it is the same: we call this the gravitational force. Les Satellites is a bit of that force that flows within our community.