Community and coworking space in Nice

The world you seek

The Sats coworking

Our coworking,

it is people who have chosen to

work together.

At the Satellites we above all share values. Our members believe in participation, exchange and collaboration.

We chose coworking because we know we are more productive and happy together rather than alone. Our community is driven by the pursuit of our dreams: we have chosen to live happily and make Satellites the best place to work on Earth.

The Satellites is the world we seek. Maybe it's yours too.

their words

“As a foreigner and brand new remotely employee, I was initially searching for a simple place to have my work calls in peace. What I found was so much more than that. They are a true community that works as a family, helping each other and improving not only your work-life balance but yourself as a person.”

Carolina Romàn Tito

UI/UX Designer

“Un ensemble de pleins de choses à la fois. Des expériences riches et variées, des gens différents mais regroupés autour d’un même lieu, d’un même sens du partage.”

Benjamin Camus

Responsable Développement Durable

The Sats community

Our community is made up of multiple and rich histories, personalities, practices and experiences. Discover them!

It happens at the Sats



The Zoom is our presentation event, it is the favorite event for Sats members. When it comes to getting to know each other better, to better knowing how each of us works, we fuel that fire.

The shakers


The shakers (Les Agitateurs) is our brainstorming session. Got a challenge, a problem to solve ? Here come the shakers ! 

Galileo Speaks


We gather to talk about a business topic that concerns everyone, around one of us, who’s a bit more experienced. Questions and answers, stories, it’s all about sharing experiences.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Les Satellites

Every thursday night, we raise our glass to get to know eachother better and share stories. Come have a drink with us !

Zéro Boulot (no job)


We love our region and we know how to take the best of it ! Outdoor sessions is our favorite thing : hiking, snowshoes, climbing, biking, canoeing… There’s always something to do !

Come visit us !

We prefer to see you in person. Come push the door of the Sats.