Our memberships

Join great people to work with everyday at Les Satellites !


1 day per month

30 HT / mois
ou 36 € TTC / mois

Flexible 1 d

1 day per week

100 HT / mois
ou 120 € TTC / mois

Flexible 3 d

3 days per week

230 HT / mois
ou 276 € TTC / mois



350 HT / mois
ou 420 € TTC / mois

No comitment.

Additional day 20 € excl. taxes

Hot desk ?

Just here for a day or so ? You’re welcome ! A day pass costs 35 € TTC .


If you’re a student willing to work on your own project at Les Satellites, we have a special membership for you at 50 € excl. taxes per month.


Member of the same team ? We offer a 15% off discount for the whole team

Tous les abonnements vous permettent de :



Discuss anytime with nearly 150 members.

  • Ask questions
  • Engage conversations
  • Share best practices

Attend events

Come each week to our numerous community events.

  • New member’s lunches
  • Show and tell
  • Group sessions
  • Happy Hours


Learn more about what the community members are working on :

  • Through their challenges
  • Through interviews
  • Around a coffee

Work better

Spend quality time in our comfortable coworking space while being

  • Productived
  • Inspired
  • In a quiet environment

Rituel d'intégration


We onboard new members like any group of friends would do

New members' lunches : We worship food in here, nothing is better to get to know new member around a nice lunch.

Mentorship : We also believe that a trusted relationship is a strong foundation to build off. Each new member will be part of a mentorship team.

IntroductionLittle by little, there will be familiar faces. We take time to introduce members, everyday.

And more !



Our “zoom” is our favorite show and tell event. Let’s here about a member project, job, technic, review… Usually twice a month. 

The shakers


The shakers (Les Agitateurs) is our brainstorming session. Got a challenge, a problem to solve ? Here come the shakers ! 

Galileo Speaks


We gather to talk about a business topic that concerns everyone, around one of us, who’s a bit more experienced. Questions and answers, stories, it’s all about sharing experiences.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Les Satellites

Every thursday night, we raise our glass to get to know eachother better and share stories. Come have a drink with us !

Zéro Boulot (no job)


We love our region and we know how to take the best of it ! Outdoor sessions is our favorite thing : hiking, snowshoes, climbing, biking, canoeing… There’s always something to do !

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